Tour Day – 3

Well, Tour Day – 3 is also Canada Day. So let me digress a little bit from this blog about going to sing in churches between Munich and Berlin over the next couple of weeks.

A great day for the Red and White Maple Leaf and celebrations of all things Canadian.  Did you ever wonder what that could be?  Me too in a way.  When I was a kid it was still called Dominion Day – and that title lasted well into the period when my kids were starting to celebrate almost 30 years later.  So what does it mean to be “Canadian” and how do you appropriately celebrate this great nations birthday?

When we lived in England we tried to have a Canada Day party for each of the three years we were there, with varying success.  Moose milk tends to be one of those things you do when you are trying to host thee Canada Day soiree, and I had a great recipe.  A little ice cream – some rum, kahlua, cream, more rum, nutmeg, maybe another tub of ice cream, a little more rum.  Load of people liked it, we had lots left and for some reason it lasted for weeks without going bad. It was just too bad some of the kids got into it when no one was looking – funny too how they really slept well that night.  Of course you had to try to do the normal Canadian burgers and dogs (bought at your friendly USAF PX) and supplemented with Molsons Canadian and Labatts Blue (from the Canadian Embassy store) I think both of them were still owned by Canadian families at the time.

What does it really mean now.  Is it your favourite butter chicken dish with naan at your local, is it one of those outrageously good burgers that you heard about on twitter from the hundred club or drift food truck that are only available for a limited time to those following their tweets? Is it a Laura Secord or a Purdies chocolate, or Ganong, or Callebaut? How about the new and very interesting option of a Bannock Burger, or just throwing a couple of Bratwurst on the BBQ.  Too late in the year, I think, for la tire d’erable – that wonderful Quebecois dish where you pour hot maple syrup onto snow and roll it round a popsicle stick – mmmmmmm. Or could we do that today? Image

Regardless, Canada Day has come a long way from when I was a kid and it was just a holiday when we went to the lake with all of the aunts and uncles and cousins for a great BBQ as a family.  It grew into a country wide celebration and why not – we have lots to celebrate.  We are one of the best countries in the world to live in – UN ranking not mine.  We have one of the best standards of living – another international ranking not one I made up.  We share the largest undefended ? is it? border in the world.

So as I ponder leaving the shores of this great place to live – hey I’m only going to Germany not a real hardship – not like Afghanistan or Syria – I am struck by the changes that have taken place in my lifetime.  It’s a great place to live and a great place to be from and come back to.  More people need to remember that.



The Canadian flag flying at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in HalifaxNova Scotia from Wikipedia


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