Tour Day – 2

Well, this will be a work day for me and a figure out what to do with kids, dog and bird for Margot.  Wonder how this will all work out? First time away from teenagers/twenty somethings for more than 3 days and we make it for a period of 18 days away.  Already told my daughter not to let the pets suffer, she responded that it would be likely that she will spend more time caring for the dog than the brothers.  It's a dogs life!!

As for the bird – we’ll see!!

So, madly scrambling to turn off the paper, set up bill payments and generally ensure that things continue to go smooth even when we are away.  Remind number 1 son to mow the grass weekly, get number 2 son to send out his resume and actually look for a job while he waits for that acceptance letter to the U of A.

Tonight will be the final pack night – from here we determine what needs to be washed tomorrow and then put into suitcases. I guess it’s time to try and find some lunch eh?


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