Tour Day Part 2

So, we made it to the airport, with son #1 playing chauffer – even though he is a good driver he still has a little to learn about how our new SUV handles on the road.  He is too used to the way our smart handles and was kind of twitchy at speed.  Fortunately for us the Henday was kind and we arrived at the airport in good time.  Our oldest had taken the dog to work with her today so we said goodbye both of them at 0645.  She works at K9 Awareness in St Albert – a doggy daycare and patented doggy treadmill outlet.  She so much loves this job.  A completely different kind of clientele than when she worked for Starbucks as a Barista.

A Starbucks barista.
A Starbucks barista. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyway back to a couple of experiments – a BB without a sim card doesn’t like any of the wifi connections at the airport.

dead SIM
dead SIM (Photo credit: Yaisog Bonegnasher)

However the macbook easily connects to Shaw and is very quick to upload and download.  Our connection in Toronto will be very quick so I was looking up the terminal map to see how long our trek would be – we should be fine.  Although I think the longest part will be getting out of the plane as we are in the very last row of this plane out of YEG.

Lunch at Chili’s for a change –

Chili! (Photo credit: blentley)

they seem to have changed a little since I used to frequent them in the late 90s.  Hopefully the service will speed up as our plane is boarding in about 25 minutes.  That being said a couple of last minute work emails – gmail is at least good for being able to use free wifi to maintain contact that way – and holidays are us.  So a quick nosh and maybe another post from Toronto.  Wish us luck!


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