Tour Day

Today is the day we fly, so this post will probably be a little more scattered than the other ones as I will have to try and write this as we fly and wait in airports.

Departing Toronto Pearson
Departing Toronto Pearson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Air Canada be at your best today, please and thank you!

First we fly from Edmonton to Toronto then, hopefully, from Toronto to Munich.  If all goes well we should arrive in Munich about an hour after the rest of the group and catch them up at the hotel.

All the little things that you have to worry about in this modern age – setting up your Viber and Skype accounts, worrying about which sim card to buy at the Munich airport so you can stay digitally connected with the brood you are leaving behind – can update your blog with posts and pics of the trip and so on.  I think I have settled on Congstar as the best bang for my buck – so hope I can find one fairly quickly and we can catch the S-Bahn into the main station and then walk the 5 minutes to the Ibis where we should, hopefully, catch up to RES and then begin our tour of Munich in the afternoon.


So, maybe I’ll call this part one of this blog. Have to go to the airport now.  See ya!


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