Tour Day + 1

A few more notes.  We did not have enough time in Toronto to take anything out of the bag, hence no post from there.  So I guess this would actually be Tour Day +1 now.

You can probably figure out that we did make it into Toronto in time.  We landed and had enough time to walk from one gate and get in line to board the next plane.  Another Air Canada flight on a bigger airbus aircraft.  Take off was without issue and soon we were winging our way across eastern Canada to the Atlantic and the dark night sky.  Round 3 AM not much was happening on the plane – except for those die hards watching movies or TV they couldn’t quite get to see when they were in their non airplane lives.

With the map on the screens to our front the cabin crew gave us a rousing good morning and tried to help us clear out all the cobwebs, let us stretch out the pretzel shapes our bodies had become trying to find some comfortable way to sleep.  They provided us with a quick cup of coffee, orange juice, banana bread and a little comedy of errors as they started the snack service.  Throw a little Bach into the headphones and let the wife practice her bagpipe tunes on her IPAD and voila – a morning in the sky!

Looking forward to getting into Munich – as I write this we are about 1 hour and 40 minutes out.  Will be experiencing the S Bahn when we land so that should be interesting.  It is a straight trip so we should not have to worry about being geographically challenged (he said hopefully). Although we are still going to try and find that cell shop to buy that/those sim cards – and maybe get some euros out of the bank machine.

Being one of those die hards I have so far watched two movies on this set of flights – the first was the second GI Joe movie – Retaliation or something like that.  Nice to kill off your continuity character – besides the bad guys – in the first 10 minutes.  Anyway it was a good romp, lots of action, some sappy bits and of course Bruce Willis.  That about sums it up.  The next movie I ended up watching was Hotel Transylvania – funny, this was followed up by The Host – interesting premise and actually quite enjoyable.

We arrived in Munich without incident, however our bags were the last ones off the plane and I had already started the lost bag process when they came off the carousel.  Took the S Bahn into the Central Station and after a couple of roundy roundy’s we were able to find the hotel.  Have now purchased the Congstar prepaid sim card – but getting the phone numbers correct for the log on process to activate it  required getting the desk clerk at the hotel involved as area codes and what not to put into the form were the issue.

We are now on a three hour break before supper  – hard not to nap.

That’s all for now.


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