Tour Day + 1 Part 2

Nymphenburg Palace
Nymphenburg Palace (Photo credit: carolynconner)

Yesterday when we joined the tour we did a little trip of downtown Munich passing through a number of the platz and had a short stop at the summer palace of the former King of Bavaria.  Then on the return we passed along the canal in front of the palace, the Olympic plaza as well as the BMW main buildings. Awesome bits of driving from our tour driver in moving through some of the very narrow streets.

Last night we ate supper in the Lowenbrau Biergarten. IMG-20130705-00011 IMG-20130705-00010

We started at 2000 and were out around 2200.  We had a wonderful meal of roast pork, dumpling and cole slaw.  At the end of the meal we had an excellent desert of cream, raspberry coulis with a strawberry and mint leaf.  Top that off with a couple of their “ales” and you had a pretty cool experience. Then it was off to bed for a well deserved sleep.


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