Tour Day + 2

When we woke up this morning we had a wonderful breakfast with good conversation with some of our other RES members, nice to spend some time with those I sing with other than singing.  So good conversation was had.  We went back to our room and then caught up with some other choir members and made our way into the heart of Munich. We walked from the hotel through the botanical gardens and saw the fountain with aladins lamp and the sleeping man under the flying carpet.  Cool! IMG-20130706-00013

We then made our way to the Marianplatz

marianplatz (Photo credit: snail’s trail)

and on the way we stopped at St Michaels church, the Ratskeller followed by a quick stop at the Frauenkircke.  Thinking we were in the right place to buy our son a gift for his birthday we stopped at a little souvenir shop and bought the first gift for our kids (photo will be added after we give it to him).

Finally we got back to the hotel, stopping to pick up a little snack of pretzel and fruit along the way,  finished our packing and made our way downstairs to check out and load the bus.

When I originally wrote this we are making our way to Ehingen for a benefit concert for immigrants on the tour bus.  The drive took about 2.5 hours and we stopped once for an ice cream break.

This part is now being written after the concert – 2 days after as a matter of fact.  We had a wonderful time in Ehingen!   We arrived and found that we were singing in a wonderful church that was beside and incorporated with a Music School.  We then had an excellent rehearsal exploring what our choir’s sound would be like in this new space and where we would have to place the different sections.  Off to the Hotel Adler for an absolutely wonderful meal after which we regaled the staff with an impromptu song as led by our intrepid Conductor Len Ratzlaff.  We walked back to the church and then changed and performed at the concert.

Ehingen (Donau)-20130706-00031 IMG_2715The hospitality was wonderful and the reception of the audience to the music was humbling.  The benefit was for the society supporting Immigrants into the Ehingen area and was the last concert of Musicsommer Ehingen, an annual event.  We were the “highlight” of the concert series and were very well received.  The church was excellent as a concert venue with wonderful acoustics – it made the music almost sing itself.Ehingen (Donau)-20130706-00028

The reception afterwards was excellent and we were very sad to have to leave, but beds were calling and we had still some jet lag to get over.  We have since heard many positive comments from those who attended the concert, some in the most odd ways.  One of our number had a reaction to something and went to the health care centre in Ulm.  One of the doctors working on her case had attended the concert and could not say enough kind words about the music that night – powerful stuff that music.


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