Tour Day +3

The Lutheran cathedral "Ulm Münster"...
The Lutheran cathedral “Ulm Münster” of Ulm/Germany, choir stalls (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our day began with our arrival in ULM, it was a little late.  We made our way to our rooms and found that we were housed in a suite on the 15th floor.

IMG_2717 Shwanky and we were dancing round like little kids.  Anyway we then crashed.  When we woke in the morning we found that there was an excellent view of the canal from the bedroom IMG_2716, an awesome buffet and that things were just working smoothly all round.

Ulm Donau Tagblatt
Ulm Donau Tagblatt (Photo credit: ralf_koenig)

We had a service participation in ULM Minster as part of our tour and we went gladly, this was going to be something.  The service was also a baptism for one of the new members of the congregation and we sang some new to us (some of us anyways) hymns as well as three of our pieces.  It felt like there was about a 10 second echo, which was awesome and made for one of the highlights of the trip so far.  When we sang our last piece – Nobody Knows The trouble I’ve Seen – the note just hung in the air and came back very powerfully.  It was something to experience.

Then most of us went back to the hotel to have a little bit of a break and change out of our costumes.  We then met in various groups to explore ULM on the Sunday – since we could not go to the Einstein cafe we tagged along.  As we were aiming to go up the tour (the second tallest church tower in all Christendom) we had enough to get a group rate.  Regardless, we started up, up and up the tower first stopping to look at the bells and the

Ulm Münster
Ulm Münster (Photo credit: José Cambrer)

pictures of other church towers at the first level – which had two way traffic up the stairs.  We then go to take the one way stairs to the second level, which was quicker but still more challenging than your average stairmaster.  When we reached the second level we looked around and decided to make tracks to the third set of stairs.  This last stairwell was a narrow two way set which led to a one way circuit at the top of the tower with an amateur photographer who held us up for about 10 minutes.  Since the circuit was “really” one way this held us up and had the follow on effect of holding all of those on the stairwell from moving for us to get down we had to squeeze past all those wanting to get up, who were already on the stairs – about 15 it felt like.  We did make it back to the bottom, but not after getting some pretty spectacular shots and a good self congratulatory pat on the back, followed by lunch.

IMG-20130707-00069 Ulm-20130707-00070 Ulm-20130707-00071 IMG-20130707-00072 IMG-20130707-00073

At 4 PM we were on the buses again to our next concert in the small village of Bernstadt. IMG_2738 This was in a small church and was in aide of money for repairs of the church.  We arrived to another amazing sounding space that was ready for us.  We had a quick rehearsal and then were treated to snacks by the church community which were absolutely fantastic and very heart warming.  Changing once again into concert dress we gave another performance which was also very warmly received, this concert being about an hour.  Following this we went to another wonderful restaurant – the Albgasthof Baren and were treated to another wonderful meal, gave another impromptu song and said our formal goodby to Sue our ACFEA concert planner.  Wending our way back through the countryside to ULM we made a short nite of it and hit the pillows quickly.


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