Tour Day + 4

Today we had a little bit of a late start – 0730 just enough time to go to the pool/sauna and do something, others were out for walks and runs. Our time to board the buses was 0930 and we made our way down to the wonderful buffet at the Maritime Hotel.  Racing back to the room – try getting an elevator to and from the 15th floor when there are 90 other people in your group doing the same thing and only two elevators to play with – we finished the last bit of packing and made our way down.  Checking out and getting to the buses with loads of time to spare we were safely ensconced and ready to go.

Making our way from ULM we headed into the small city of Bamburg. IMG_2744 Wonderful place where we were able to stop for lunch and generally laze through a couple of hours on the way. Visit some shops and generally become immersed in “Germany”.

Reaching our hotel, the Radisson Blu, in Erfurt round 6 pm we mostly made our mad dash to our rooms to catch up with the world, since we had been out of free wi-fi for a couple of days.  Downloading our photo’s and updating blogs takes time!  We met up with another choir couple who were on their way to supper. We joined up and had a wonderful time getting to know each other, exchanging stories and generally having a very nice night.  On the way back Margot saw a drawing on the road she had to take a picture of.IMG_2746

Then we came back, tried to check up on the kids via the internet and went to bed.  Good night!


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