Tour Day + 5 Part 2

Jena-20130709-00026This is the Stadtkirche St. Michael, in Jena where we spent time this afternoon and evening.  We left the hotel at 1400 so that we could start our rehearsal at 1600, but we arrived a little early and were given some time off to explore the town.  Margot and I explored a little of the commercial district and ended up buying a pair of polaroid sunglasses that fit over your regular glasses, the ones she meant to bring are probably still sitting in the SUV, wherever our son has it parked today.  We continued walking round the town square and invariably met other members of the choir doing the same thing.

When we returned to the church for our rehearsal there were workmen putting up some scaffolding for future repairs.  They were given until 1700 to finish so our Maestro decided to forge ahead regardless of the additional noise.  With our accompanist trying her hand on the continuo this afternoon we began our rehearsal, going over the songs on the list for this evening, which was:

Then it was time for us to break for supper at the Gasthaus Roter Hirsch Restaurant where we had a salad, roast beef, red cabbage and potatoes followed by a fruit salad with creme.  Very good and enjoyed.  A quick walk back to the church – avoiding the trams – and we changed into our costumes – men in the choir loft, women in the back room.

This church, which dates back before the reformation was very important in the life of Martin LutherJena-20130709-00035 – he preached there a number of times and was to have been buried there – in fact the tombstone is still in the church.

Over the last few days we have been commenting on how we are following our conductors, no I mean actually following our conductors.  Such that tonight when they wanted pauses in the works to be able to incorporate the echo’s into the music – I think they were able to do so better than some of our other performances.  How do you get to Carnegie Hall?  Anyway the audience seemed to enjoy it tonight and, by and large, the choir was pleased.

Well, almost time to turn in – the power has been going on and off – found out that it was the breaker in my room.  Don’t know why it is going off – not very much power was being used?????

Word of this blog has gotten out to my friends in the choir, hopefully you find it is a fairly truthful tale of what has happened on our sojourn so far.  It is meant more as a record of what we did and how I (at least) felt about it.  For what it’s worth – enjoy!

Tomorrow we are on the buses again, this time headed for Berlin by way of Weimar – wish us luck as we are breaking in a couple of new bus drivers for the day.

Good night – or is it gute nacht.


One thought on “Tour Day + 5 Part 2

  1. Word has even got back to choir members who had too many things going on at work to join you. Thanks for facilitating my vicarious participation JM.

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