Tour Day + 6

This was the day the passport was returned!  Yesterday, yes I neglected to mention this, one of our choir members had her purse taken from the pew in the church while we were rehearsing.  A lesson to us all that we are not in Kansas anymore.  Regardless, there was a full search done of all bags and other choir related luggage to see if it was near.  It was not.  Then late last night the hotel received a phone call from a woman who had “found” the passport in Jena.  The kind desk clerk, who lives in Jena was going to pick it up last night and bring it in with her in the morning, when she arrived the woman wanted a reward for returning the passport.  Enter the police as we called.

Part 2.  Our coach drivers tried to pick up the passport but could not and then the police did become involved eventually returned the passport to its owner in Weimar, can you say complicated return process!  However at least the passport is now in the hands of its owner.

Today was mostly a bus day.  In other words we woke up, had breakfast, packed and got on the bus.  We were there in plenty of time and found seats right up front this time – the rule is that you cannot sit in the same seats from day to day.  Anyway we loaded up and headed down the autobahn to Weimar, which was not too far from Erfurt.  We had a couple of hours off in this city of Goethe and such – we put that to good use in strolling to various quarters.  The national theatre, the statues of Goethe and SchillerWeimar-20130710-00046.  The Schiller department store, Bahaus University and the cemetery where Goethe is buried.  This shot Margot calls “from here to eternity”.  Weimar-20130710-00047Just before we headed back to the buses we joined some other tour members at a cafe, we had a pint of a local pils – it was good.  When we finished we headed back to the bus and wer eon our way.  We  were to take the autobahn all the way but there was an accident and we ended up taking A roads.  More scenic and there were many times when voices from the back of the bus were saying stop – because of some beautiful sight on the side of the road.  Our Courier Jennifer kept providing us with very useful information about the countryside and if she didn’t have a response Stephan our replacement driver was quick with an answer.

Hitting the rest stop was a different experience from the others we had seen so ar on this trip.  It was large, pleasant, modern and did I say large.  It felt like a movenpick restaurant.  Anyway we spent an hour there and then on to Berlin.  We arrived at the city round 1830 into a different hotel – we were to be in the H2 but are now in the neighbouring Ramada – we hear it has a better breakfast.  Nice rooms.

Taking our Courier’s advice we went to the Alte Fritz for supper – many varied choices were had – the beer was good, the wine was good too, from what I hear.  There were only about 30 from our group there for dinner.  Then onto a post dinner perambulation and we were ready for email checking, blogging and getting ready for the day ahead.  Tomorrow starts with a bus tour of Berlin.  No singing till Thursday!  TTFN


One thought on “Tour Day + 6

  1. The beer we had in Weimar was Alponadauer. We passed by the town of Alponada, where I expect it is brewed, on the scenic route to Berlin.

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