Tour Day + 8

Der Berliner Dom auf der Spreeinsel. (Berlin C...
Der Berliner Dom auf der Spreeinsel. (Berlin Cathedral) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today was a Berlin Day.  We had to be on the buses in time to get to the Dom for our service participation.  Get on the buses for 1045 in costume, get to the church and be ready for an 1130 service participation at the Berlin Dom.  We didn’t have long to spend there but what we did have was pretty good if I do say so myself.  Some photo’s to follow later.

Instead of going back to the hotel on the bus my wife, myself and Ken decided to spend some time at the Museum of German History which is a hop skip and jump from the Dom.  On the way we stopped at the memorial – used to be the forgotten soldier in soviet times, and the square in front of Humboldt University where the Nazi book burning was in 1933.  There is a room under the square with bookshelves and spaces or 20,000 books, the same number that were burned by the Nazi’s.

Site of the notorious 1933 Nazi bookburning ca...
Site of the notorious 1933 Nazi bookburning campaign. Staff and students from [visible] Humboldt Univ. threw ~20,000 books into a bonfire under the order of Josef Goebbels. (Photo credit: Robyn2175)
Following this we spent time in the museum – learning more about the mid war years than gets taught in Canadian schools and University.  It was very eye opening the strikes, the communist party the whole upheaval caused by the continuing pressure for reparations by the French.  None of that made anything easy in the inter war years, and this whole Anti-Semitic thing.  Almost like some places in the world today – there are many parallels, very scary!!

We then noticed that we were close to running out of time to get the the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche for our next service participation and concert.  We tried to get there on the subway, but ran into trouble because there is a split in the line on Frederickstrasse and we didn’t know that until we go to the wrong part of the line.  We had to retrace our steps back and then another 500 M to the station on the other side of the break.  We found the right line U6 and switched to the U2 line at the Stadtmit.  We figured out where the church was and were able to just make it into line as Len started the first rehearsal piece. (My photo’s to follow).

Rehearsal done we moved up to the loft and got ready for the service – two back to back services and a little bit of a concert.

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Berlin 2007
Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Berlin 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not having had lunch or supper we were famished and quickly made our way to the KaDeWe store and speedily went to the top floor for a quick meal.  After that we spent some time through the various floors of the store and bought one item for the house.  We then hit the exits and found out that we could take the U2 all the way back to the Alexanderplatz and our hotel.  A quick side trip to the local depanneur for some beer, back to the room and then to the blog and here it is.  Did not put my photo’s up so took some from Wikipedia, thanks guys.



One thought on “Tour Day + 8

  1. My heart rate quickened as I read about the circuitous dash to the evening service/concert. I love being lost and on a deadline in new cities. 🙂

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