Tour Day + 10

English: Entrance Grassi-Museum Leipzig Deutsc...
English: Entrance Grassi-Museum Leipzig Deutsch: Eingang Grassi-Museen, Leipzig (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning we had another little lie in and made our way – fairly late to breakfast, but again had a delightful conversation with another couple on the tour – excellent.  We received some information about our next timing – the hotel not allowing our courier’s to post any notices for us.  Regardless, we decided to venture out into the wild (LOL) and took up the journey to the University of Leipzig‘s Museum of Musical Instruments (Museen Im Grassi), OK so it was less than 750M away from the hotel.

Very cool place, copies of many strange and varied instruments that were the lead ups to those we find in any good orchestra today – the french horn, trumpets, trombones, piano, violin, cello, oboe, bassoon, bagpipes… To name but a few, but also with history of how the piano making trade was big here in Leipzig, as well as the historic contributions to music here by Bach, Schutz (in Saxony at least),  Mendelssohn Bartoldy.  How important to the local fabric of music the Thomaskirche has been and generally the musical history that just drips into every facet of life in Leipzig.  I never knew!!!

Panorama Leipzig
Panorama Leipzig (Photo credit: baerchen57)

Following our excursion to the Grassi we came back to the hotel and changed into concert gear. Myself for singing and Margot for being a spectator.  We headed down for the bus and waited until everyone else had gathered only to find out that the rehearsal had been pushed back an hour – the organist was preparing for a later concert as part of the organ festival.  Anyway we arrived, moved over to the churches office space to change and leave our bags behind and bam – we moved across to the church for our rehearsal.

One of the ladies in the choir had her birthday today and admitted that this was one of the best birthdays ever – singing in Bach’s church!!  How special is that.

Part of the repertoire we performed as part of the service were two parts of a church cantata that Bach had written for this particular Sunday of the church calendar.  We and the pastor were thrilled that we could do the number.  It was Bach BWV 186, part 1 and 6  Argre dich, o selle nicht; Es ist das Heil.  We also sang the Healey Willan’s Missa Brevis Kyrie and Sanctus as well as the Mendelssohn “He Watching Over Israel” and the Esenvalds Amazing Grace.  Well received and I think we were all in awe over singing in “Bach’s” Church!!!!!

The service done we took a few more photo’s

Leipzig-20130714-00147 Leipzig-20130714-00154 Leipzig-20130714-00160 Leipzig-20130714-00161

Afterwards we returned to the hotel on the bus and made our way back to the Auerbach Keller, where Goethe is supposed to have gotten the information from the students to be able to tell the “true” tale of Faust.Leipzig-20130714-00170

A good meal was had by all.  We really enjoyed the schwarz bier!!  Then it was just a quick hop skip and jump; over the tram tracks past the beach volleyball playoffs and the Starbucks that was already closed – thus taking away chances for email checking, back to the hotel for another well deserved nights sleep.


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