Tour Day + 9

Another daylong bus ride.  This time we left Berlin behind after filling up on a fairly large breakfast.  The last thing we had done the night before was to get our daughter on the computer via Viber and wish her a happy birthday – she was not at work and had planned a party.  Oh and I forgot all about seeing the Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier the day before in Berlin as we were on the tour through the Schwannky area of town – where the Cartier, etc stores are aplenty – it was nice to see that dog – reminded me of ours.

Anyway we were on the buses to Leipzig with a short stop on the motorway for some snacks at the rest stop on the opposite side of the motorway from our travel to Berlin from Erfurt.Image

We arrived at St Thomas Church – where Bach had spent 27 years. We then were taken on a 2 hour walking tour of central Lepizig where she gave us a wonderful primer on the area and what we should see while here.  The Bach museum, Cafe Baum, St Nicholas Church, Leipzig University, the first trade fair building, the passages, the rathouse, the location where Faust was basically created by Goethe, etc, etc, etc.  As we got off the buses at the church we were witness to the last part of a Wedding  – cool!  ImageAll sort of neat traditions – the sawing of the log before the reception could begin as well as the chimney sweep – seen here driving the bike – for good luck.  All part of a wonderful day for this couple – who had about 92 Canadians in their video.

With the tour done we were swiftly checked into the hotel, Margot to the pool etc.  Then it was on to the town centre for supper – we ended up in Cafe Baum where, funnily enough, we met up with many other choir members – some had gone to an organ concert when the tour was finished, others had just wandered or done what we did – veg at the hotel and then go for dinner.

A good dinner and desert done we had to visit the interior of the restaurant to see where Schuman spent much of his time drinking coffee and getting ideas for poems, etc.Image

Following this we had the idea of going back to the square outside St Nicolas to see the lights for the peace prayers start up but waited a few minutes and then went back to the hotel for another dip in the pool, whirlpool and sauna, then bed.


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