Tour Day + 12 – The Road Home


As I write this most of those from RES who were making their way back to Canada should be on the homeward stretch to Edmonton.  We decided to deviate from this original plan and today made our way to Hamburg – where I am writing this dispatch.

This morning we awoke safe in the assumption that all of those going home today had made it on the appropriate buses.  When we went down for breakfast we found many of those who were going somewhere else in Europe eating as well, why not it was all arranged by the tour company ACFEA, who were absolutely wonderful in getting all of this put together for us.

Anyway – we did not hear of anyone missing the bus or their flight and here is hoping that this is still the case.  At breakfast the usual questions were asked – where are you going, when are you going to be back in Canada, etc….  We made our final good bye’s and walked to the train station – sorting out our Eurail pass and finding out that the extension pass only works with German Rail passes – not eurail – seems like we will not need it anyway.

Guess what – our train was actually late!!!  Only 4 – 5 minutes mind you.  We managed to get on, stow our luggage and find our seats easily for the 3 hour trip.  We must have made time because we arrived on time.  The train was nice, fast and spacious.

As this is the end of the RES related blog I will close it off here.  Not sure if I will still be blogging about the rest of our trip – Oh well you may want to check the main page to see if I did.

Anyway here is another pointer to the RES website – if you are interested in singing with us or coming to our concerts.  Enjoy!!!


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