After the Parting

It has been a day since we parted ways with the RES choir contingent that came to Germany to sing their way from Munich to Berlin and back to Leipzig.  We parted company with them yesterday and made our way to Hamburg on the DBahn.  Wonderful way to travel – very slick and comfortable.Leipzig-20130716-00206

We made our way from the Penta Hotel to the train station on foot.  Activated our Eurail passes without difficulty and then waited for the train.  Easy huh?  When we got on the train we ended up reading for most of the way as there are trees and the like surrounding the tracks.  We did watch the scenery occasionally, seeing the odd cows lying down in the middle of the field, or some of the villages/cities we passed through.  We had to transit thru Berlin once more but it was relatively fast.

When we arrived at the Hamburg train station we took a couple of loops to find the information stop and picked up a map of the area to be able to locate our hotel – as I did not have access to internet at that moment.  Quickly figuring out where we were we went to the wrong hotel – it was the first one that had Hotel Lummen on the door and also matched up with the picture you find for Hotel Lummen on the internet.lummen1 This photo caused a bit of a stir when we showed it to our kids as the place we would be staying in Hamburg – one of them just went “NOOOOOooooo”.  However there is good news and bad news.  First the good news the Hotel Lummen is actually about 60 yards down the street from the above sign and not quite so obviously bracketed.  See in this photo.lummen2 The bad news is that these are the stairs you have to navigate with your luggage to get to the front desk and elevator to other floors.lummen3

We had a bit of a quiet break for a couple of hours and then made our way out into downtown Hamburg.  First stopping at the information centre for another map in English this time.  Then we decided to walk around the railway station into the city centre near the canals.  We passed the central small lake like area, the Binnen – alster.  Hamburg-20130716-00210We went to the area that has all those inexpensive (LOL) stores like Cartier, Luis Vutton, and the like.  We then back tracked a little and sat down at a restaurant called melange.  As we were about to sit another couple were going for a table we thought we might want – we let them have it as we saw another table a little farther up under an umbrella.  Sitting down the waitress arrived and took our first order – bier.  When she came back with that we were ready for our second Margot had the spagetti with scampi and I had the pizza vulcano.  Both arrived within a few minutes and we were just lazily watching the canal beside Hamburg-20130716-00211us and trying not to listen in on the conversation to the foursome from Holland who were sitting beside us smoking.  Ahh well.

Food arrived we tucked into our dinner and quickly made it all disappear.  When I was close to my last bite the reason behind the name vulcano kicked in – there were many peppers on the pizza but they were relatively sweet.  Hidden underneath them were a few hot hot peppers which kicked into my mouth right after I had had my last sip of the first bier.  Of course I had a second Duck stein.  When the time came to settle up our waitress informed us that the other couple I mentioned above had bought our first beers for us.  Welcome to Hamburg!!

After dinner we took a bit of a walk round the centre of the area, passed the Rathouse, St Jacobi Church, St Peter’s Church and generally made our way back passed the train station, Hamburg-20130716-00209to the hotel where we both picked up some books – did some reading and fell asleep.


2 thoughts on “After the Parting

    1. Not quite. I thought so too at first but we were about a block away from the train station in what you might call reeperbahn light. Mostly ethnic shops with a few erotic stores for seasoning.

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