On the Waters – sort of!

Today we woke up a few minutes after the alarm was to have gone off.  Got ready for the day and made our way down to the breakfast centre for some food.  Supplied with coffee and juice, plus the other stuff, we made our way out to – guess where – yes the train station.  We stood in line trying to make a reservation for seats for our trip on Friday but soon decided that since we would be taking the train to Lubeck tomorrow we could do it all at once.


Next we tried to use the subway ticket machine to buy a ticket.  Nope to using a credit card from Canada.  No to using a used 10 euro bill.  Rather than get frustrated we decided to go to the HVV office and just pay cash.  That sorted we figured which train to catch – the U3 – and which direction Schlump – and we were off to the water.  We exited the UBahn at Landungsbruchen and were faced with the ferry and tour boat dock.  Just what we were looking for.  Deciding to forego the chance to spend 36 euro on an hour long tour of the harbour we chose instead to take the “bus” or ferry – #71.  It took us along the harbour straight across, past the theatre where they are showing the Lion King.Hamburg-20130717-00216 Hamburg-20130717-00214  From there we passed the quay where some navy ships were tied up, then we docked at the Elbephilharmonie.  It is an incredible project where they have a 2200 seat concert hall, a 500 seat performance space, a hotel, a condominium tower, a 250 seat rehearsal space as well as a kids education centre, lots of parking and a bunch of other things.  It is being built into and on top of a former warehouse in the area of Haffen City.  Cool.


We walked around that area a little more and headed towards the cruise centre and saw the Queen Elizabeth tied up there.Hamburg-20130717-00226 Here’s a closer lookHamburg-20130717-00229.  From there we took the UBahn again, to Johannes Brahms Platz,  spent a quick few minutes looking into the shop area and then making our way over to the Reeperbahn which you should do when you are in Hamburg.  There we stopped for lunch, but not before we took a pic of this particularly placed McDonald’s.Hamburg-20130717-00242 Lunch was one of those delicacies we had seen advertised since we got off the plane.  Currywurst.Hamburg-20130717-00243From there we walked back to the ferry quay and got onto the #62 which took us farther across the harbour passed the beaches and over to the gas loading area and back again – pretty cool trip.  Stopping for a quick ice cream we headed back on the U2 line and returned to the hotel.  Margot spent time looking up a place for supper and we walked to the “Cox” Restaurant.  Wonderful fusion cuisine with a real French bent to it.  I had the Lamb curry after a bowl of Gazpacho soup and some awesome bread.  Margot had the Gazpacho, made a crack about not asking to have it warmed up and tucked into her ox breast when it arrived.  Great wine pairings.  On the way back to the hotel we took a stroll by the Aussen Alster and loved the space.  We passed a pretty Canadian looking smart car White and Red.Hamburg-20130717-00252


Making our way passed the Hotel Graf Moltke we noticed a few women who just stood around, at least three of them. Thinking that these were working ladies I pointed them out to Margot who was just starting to figure that out.  Safely back in room we started planning for the trip to Lubeck.



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