On To Lubeck

This morning we woke, not to the sound of the alarm but to the continuing coo of the pigeons that must live meters above us near the roof.  Although I went to bed round 1130 PM I was up @ 5 and felt refreshed, it may also have been some noise from the street . . .
Ah well it was an experience.
We made our way to the train station and made it to the appropriate platform with 2 minutes to spare, after we bought coffee and blueberry Danish’s.  We then found that we were on the wrong track, we had arrived on the platform that was on the schedule to find a train for Rostock. We relocated to the appropriate platform and then waited with the rest of the Lubeck bound as the train was 13 minutes late. When the train did arrive it was a free for all as far as finding seats and getting on the train was concerned.
Once we were on the train and had found a spot to sit I asked Margot for a pen to fill in the appropriate info on the eurail pass.  She had left them in the hotel.  A little panicked I asked the young woman across from us.  She was kind and loaned me a pen as she filled in her own ticket at the same time as I.  She was Japanese and doing some sight seeing on her way to Denmark as part of her summer travels from Sheffield where she was going to University.  They never came by to check our tickets.
When we got off the train we followed the hurd out of the station down to a transit centre and after a couple minutes of confusion we headed off to the old Hanseatic city.  Passing the beautiful iconic tower and over two canals we made it into the old city.Lübeck-20130718-00254 Pretty cool view isn’t it?  Anyway we made our way into the city, around a couple of the churches – not going into any – and working our way to the Rathaus where we saw this amazing marimba player with a young boy playing accompaniment.  We checked out the market and then walked thru some of the other areas moving thru the older parts of the city passing a couple more churches before we ran out of city and approached another bridge.  Margot at that point wanted to keep going to the North Sea she thought was just on the other side of the university.  I thought we should head back which we did.  Not before taking a little side trip into an ALDI store – bringing back some memories of our time in England.

We made our way back thru town to the Rathaus and to the Niederegger cafe where this marzipan capital shows its wares.  We stopped to have some tapas for lunch at their other cafe in the Rathaus before Margot went to pick up some cherries and strawberries. We walked thru the city again and decided to hit the information centre and found that the closest bit of North Sea was 41 KM away in Kiel.  Good thing we did not continue on that way.

Deciding we should stop for a beer we moved to a pub on the canal to  sit for a while.  Margot was watching the little kids in the water park nearby and still wanted to get her feet wet so I told her to go ahead and she did.Lübeck-20130718-00270

Making our way past another statue of Brahms we headed back to the train station for our return trip to Hamburg.  We made it in good time – this time they did check the tickets.  As we went thru the station we made our reservation for the trip to Amsterdam tomorrow finding that the trip I wanted to take was not allowed on my pass.  Whew!

Lübeck-20130718-00268 However along our travels we did spy a smart car with a paint job very similar to our oldest son’s room.Lübeck-20130718-00263 After getting off the train we decided to hit the crobag for some sandwiches that we would take with us to the Aussenalster shore for a sort of picnic.  Good idea we met quite a few Hamburgers doing the same thing.  Sandwiches, cheeries and strawberries – however no beer as we had that in the PM.

Making our way home we noticed only one lady of the evening by the Graf Moltke Hotel as we went by – slow night so far I guess.


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