To Amsterdam

Central train station, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Central train station, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today will be another travel day.  We have a reservation on the 1146 train and are basically lazing around getting ready for it.  We will move from the hotel to the train station, find somewhere to have a bite to eat – with our bags of course. We ended up at Coffee Fellows where they also have free wifi. Was good to have a bagel again. No troubles with the platform this time, but the train was late again. Almost 5 minutes. I hoped we would make up the time as we only had a 13 minute layover and that in an unfamiliar train station where we had to go from platform 2 to 12. We then settled in for the 5 hour train ride. Our seats were listed Hamburg Osnabruck when we sat down. Nice touch!
We did have our tickets checked this time on both legs, twice on the second leg. When we got off at Osnabruck we found that we just had to go down a flight of stairs and voila platform 12.
They even had a platform layout showing how the train cars would be laid out. So of course we went to area D where our car would be. This train arrived almos 15 minutes late and was not in the configuration expected so we had to walk back almost the entire platform and jumped on at the dining car with about a minute to spare. Good thing we had a reservation as the train was very full. People in the aisles, etc. We found our seats and had to kick one person out. He actually left without any issues and his wife and two kids stayed in the compartment. He later came back and said there were three seats by him now but his wife was OK in the compartment especially after the bags were put above the seats, somewhat precariously. That whole conversation was in German so I am speculating what was said.
I went hunting for lunch around 1500 and was only able to find cakes and coffee as all else was sold out. Anyway we read, enjoyed the scenery while the train moved on. When we arrived we thought to do the reservation thingy again for the trip to Brussels and went to the travel centre. The harried attendant aske us what we wanted to do and then gave us a ticket C040. When we looked at the board it was C359. She said good luck with the wait. We sat. I went to the computer a couple of times trying to sort out how to get to Brussels, there are two basic ways. Thalys or FRYA. Thalys is the hi speed train with an 32 euro surcharge FRYA charges 4 and that part only goes to Rotterdam. Then I went back to the new attendant and asked him. He said the Thalys trains were all sold out and our best bet was to do the FRYA regardless. I thanked him and went to tell Margot we could head to the hotel.  We arrived to find a fairly small but pleasant room.  When we started the tour we were on the 3rd floor of our first hotel in Munich, then 15 in Ulm, then 13 in Erfurt, then 6 in Berlin,  then 2 in Leipzig and finally 4 in Hamburg; this time we were on the 1st and Margot made a comment about coming down in the world.  However, the room is clean, the bed is comfortable and the bathroom unique.  We wondered around the city centre for a while – not venturing too far.  Stopped at an arab pizza joint, had pizza and wine and made our way back to the hotel for nighty nite!
Looking forward to meeting our friends from England tomorrow.  We are staying at the new Ibis Style Hotel (old Bellevue), they are staying at the Convent so we should be able to meet up fairly quickly.


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