Our Last Full Day

We woke up round the regular time and watched BBC world news for about an hour. Then we got up showered, dressed and went down for breakfast. During the night IBIS switched their internet protocols so we had to find out what the new sign on was going to be. Then we worked on the flight check in and trying to figure out the train schedule. I think I have it sorted. I was just leaning towards heading out this morning but Margot wanted to check out the Rijks Museum. I gave in as a “favour” to her.
On to the Rijks Museum!
We checked out, left our bags at the front counter and tried to figure out the tram system to get there and how long it will take. # 2 gets us there and back so it is just the matter of how long.
Made it to the museum in about 20 minutes on the Tram. After turning round a few times found it and entered. Women are advised to wear purses and backpacks on their front as it can get quite crowded. Only going to spend 3 hours at most here so we decided to only do two floors. The one with the Rembrandt exhibit and the next century, basically covering from 1600 to 1800. Saw the famous Night Watch and other equally impressive paintingsby Vermeer and co.
History regarding the split from a single spanish controlled province to the Netherlands and Belgium, the creation of the Dutch East India and West Indies companies were also portrayed.
We got back to the hotel in good time. Rescued the bags hit the bathroom and had lots of water from the cooler. We headed to the train station again and got on the appointed train I had done all that research on. Good thing. We had to get off because of a line break about halfway to our stop of Roosendaal. We ended up getting off at Den Haag and had to back track to Den Haag Centraal. All of this now later than planned. When we got there instead of doing what the conductor at the station said – go to platform 8 take the train to Rotterdam, etc, etc. When we got off we saw the train we were on say Roosendaal. Guess what we stayed on. It might get us to Roosendaal a little late for the next train to Brussels but we probably won’t be that late, he said hopefully!
When we get to Roosendaal we change to an intercity train from this sprinter we are on. We may actually be making up time. Not enough to make the connection. We had to wait for almost an hour. Ah well.
When we arrived our train was there. Absolutely not the same standard of trains between the three countries we have had trains from. This Belgian train has graffiti on the sides their frequency is once an hour, etc. IMG-20130721-00042Maybe if they had a sitting government that could get enough votes to pay bills?
Anyway. It was a very good day to do the walking tour of Amsterdam yesterday when it was cloudy and pleasant, today was very hot – probably why there was so much train trouble.
Almost on the way. Only another hour and a half plus the shuttle to the hotel and we should be there for the night.

We finally arrived at the hotel.  We made it to the airport without problem, less what I raised above.  When we got to the airport we spent quite a while trying to figure out where the hotels shuttles would take off from?  No luck – so we checked into the air canada ticket machine and printed our boarding passes – why not.  Baggage tags tomorrow.

We kept looking and finally gave up in frustration and took a cab.  It was a short trip but still cost 12.30 Euro.  Regardless, checked in and made comments to the desk clerk that we could not find any information about where to pick up the shuttle or that the information was absent from the hotel’s website – cause I checked with a no battery phone.  He said they would look into it – anyway the room is nice.  I think we will post a collage of the various hotel rooms we have been in on this trip.


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