The Long Way Home

We woke at 0730 this morning for a plane that took off at 1050.  We showered, dressed and made our way downstairs, using up the free instant coffee of course.  Then we checked out and waited for the shuttle.  Had a bit of a worry as there were a lot of people waiting in the lobby, that was until their tour bus showed up.  As it was the shuttle showed up shortly after 0814 and we got on – we were the only two.  He left late!

Arriving at the airport we discovered why we could not find the shuttle spot – it was on the 0 floor just above the subway level and you would only be able to find it if you knew where it was.  Hmmmmmm!

We had already checked in so the only thing we had to worry about was baggage tags.  That went fairly smoothly and soon we were moving to the customs check thru – that took about 20 minutes to wait in line. The actual passport check took 2 minutes.  After that I kept moving forwards as I knew there would also be a security check and whatever else we might face.  So while we were tempted by the duty free we did not purchase any of that really nice scotch  that was available.

Getting through the security was fairly quick and speaking French was also nice for a change, rather than German, Flemish or Dutch as I could partly understand and converse.  So we headed for the gate to see where it was, then went to the nearest place for breakfast. This happened to be near a bathroom – which Margot was fairly happy about.  We did breakfast and then went to hang around at the gate, which did not take too long.  Getting on the plane was fairly quick and only involved a little extra waiting.

The plane took off on time and we enjoyed the flight.  I watched Jack the Giant Slayer, Olympus Has Fallen, ParaNorman and three episodes of New Girl as well as finishing another book I have been reading by Leo Frankowski in the Cross Time Engineer Series.

When we arrived at Montreal we got off the plane, headed through the customs line and back through security to grab a bite to eat at Moe’s on the departure level.  Beer and Burgers were the meal of the day for both of us it seems.  Now we are just sitting, plugged in to the free wifi and giggling about my “rap name” Squiggly Pastrami as made up by one of those born in month X it is this Y etc.

We had a 6 hour layover in Montreal so could spend a while at lunch and then connecting via electrons with our peeps.  Margot already tried to round up some of our Montreal peeps, but they were at the lake – a noble place for them to be.

So this is a bit of a long winded explanation of our trip’s last day – we should be in Edmonton round 2135 which means that we will have been up 21 hours, not including the hour or so it will take us to get home and greet the kids, the dog, the old and new birds, etc…

I think this was a very rewarding visit.  The choir portion definitely exceeded expectations, was full of very special spiritual and personally touching moments for me both as a person and a chorister. Seeing some of the out of the norm parts of Germany also made it special and that time with my wife was special.  To top that off with spending the day with our very good friends from England almost 10 years to the day we left – was absolutely awesome!


One thought on “The Long Way Home

  1. Nice that everything went well on your trip. Hope you are getting a bit less hazy from the jet lag. Have a great weekend. Rob

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