Hotels on our RES Choir Trip

For those normally who are only used to hotels in North America, being downtown in a well established european city can be a surprise, if you think you will get a standard North American room for a budget price.  We stayed at 8 hotels while we were on this trip and the rooms varied quite surprisingly.  Here are some photo’s – some ours and some from the world wide web.

Ibis Munich City: in the heart of the city and just a place for us to put our heads down as we started the tour.  Biggest issue was the parking for the bus – clean, had Wifi and a nice breakfast. It was one of the two with very imaginative space use – especially in the bathroom.  Here are some shots from a travel review site.


Maritim Hotel Ulm: Our biggest surprise as we were bumped to the 15th floor with the suites, this was where we danced around with our next door neighbours – also from the tour – when we found out.  Great view, the rooms were a little dated but again clean and the extra room was nice – great breakfast, sadly no wifi and those who tried to log on with T-mobile had no end of trouble.  The only room on the trip with a Bidet.  Here are a couple of our shots.

IMG_2717 IMG_2716Hotel-Ulm swimming-pool-Ulm

Radisson Blu Hotel Efurt: A very nice hotel, again very clean, with Wifi and a very good breakfast.  Rooms almost like a North American size.  Close to downtown was very nice!

radisson-blu-erfurt (1) radisson-blu-erfurt standard-room-erfurt Erfurt-20130708-00085

Ramada Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz:  A late switch for us from the H2 – probably because they had a large number of youth tours booked in and we definitely were not that.  Clean, great breakfast, but the wifi here was only freely available in the lobby – so many hung out downstairs to log on.

ramada-hotel-berlin-alexanderp (3) ramada-hotel-berlin-alexanderp (2) ramada-hotel-berlin-alexanderp (1) ramada-hotel-berlin-alexanderp

Pentahotel Leipzig: A cool style – the check in desk is also the bar.  We were on the club floor without the extra privileges, darn.  No wifi – the breakfast was pretty tasty!!

fruhstuck zimmer empfang-bar eingang-pentahotel-leipzig

Hotel Lummen Hamburg:  Another small hotel in the downtown core.  We asked to be near the train station and this was.  Clean – good breakfast, wifi included.  Great base of operation.

lummen3 lummen2

This is not the hotel Lummen – it is 50 yards to the right! lummen1

Ibis Styles Hotel Amsterdam (formerly Bellevue):  Another close to the central train station – hence small rooms.  Internet, breakfast were included and they were very good.  Was a great central place to visit our friends from England.  It had the distinction of having a shower which had no break on the floor from the toilet.  So if you had one person in the shower – careful you could get your clothes wet if you were on the toilet.

IMG_2854 IMG_2853 IMG_2852amsterdam bellevue-hotel

Lastly the Novatel Brussels Airport hotel:  Closest we had to a North American room – outside of the Penta and the Ramada.  Clean, new almost brand new, wifi but breakfast was 20 Euro each so we took a pass.  Separate room for the toilet.

IMG_2857 IMG_2858 IMG_2859


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