Month: September 2013

Fourth Rehearsal 2013/2014 RES Season

24 Sep 13 One more week until solo auditions for our November 11 concert. Three, maybe four Baritone Solo's and a couple of Alto/Soprano ones. Mostly from the Faure Requiem. I will try my hand and see if I make the cut. It will be different doing one in the Winspear. Well, arrival done and … Continue reading Fourth Rehearsal 2013/2014 RES Season


Third Rehearsal 2013/2014 RES Season

17 Sep 13 Tonight was our third rehearsal of our new season.  The choir was fairly full in the room tonight and our Artistic Director says we have 124 singers so far.  We arrived to receive new music for other projects this year: Bach B Minor Mass - which we will do on March 9, … Continue reading Third Rehearsal 2013/2014 RES Season

Second Rehearsal 2013/2014 RES Season

10 Sep 13 Well tonight was our second rehearsal of the season.  We are getting ready for our first concert of the season - one that will take place in the Francis Winspear Centre for Music on November 11, 2013 at 1430 hours (2:30PM for those who don't get 24 hour clocks). Anyway we are … Continue reading Second Rehearsal 2013/2014 RES Season