Second Rehearsal 2013/2014 RES Season

10 Sep 13

Well tonight was our second rehearsal of the season.  We are getting ready for our first concert of the season – one that will take place in the Francis Winspear Centre for Music on November 11, 2013 at 1430 hours (2:30PM for those who don’t get 24 hour clocks).

Anyway we are going to be doing Gabriel Faure‘s Requiem along with some other songs like:

Our director started us off joking that he would do what another choir master once did – for every minute we were late starting he would keep us 5 minutes later at the end of rehearsal.  That got us off to a good start and we were off into some warm up vocal exercises.  Why do they work so much better when he or our Choral Assistant do it than when I try with one of the choirs I direct?  Same way you get to Carnegie Hall I guess.  LOL

Then it was into the music, starting off with the Britten – we had not done much of this last week – or did we????  Memory getting troublesome – that’s what happens when you start to get older.  Anyway we started in the middle worked to the end and then started at the beginning.  I kind of like it when we sometimes start at the end and work the major phrases back to the beginning and then put it all together before moving on to the next piece.

Next piece tonight was the Faure, we started with the first part – the Kyrie – remember text, text, text breathing, phrasing and all those other bits that take the little black dots on the page and turn them into actual music.  Kind of cool how the process works.

Following that we had our mid practice announcements by the President – glad I don’t have to wrangle those any more – and this was followed by our break with kibitzing, and gift card selling – we are a non profit and have to raise funds somehow care to give us a hand?

After people had the chance to do what they needed to do and see who they needed to see we began again.  We worked on the Chatman and Len was getting on our case about following his beat and keeping in time – man who does he think he is anyway – oh yeah the conductor so maybe we should eh?  Regardless, this is a song I have now sung for almost a full year – when we finished someone asked if he wanted us to memorize it like we were supposed to for the RES Tour – who would want to be “That Guy”?  Ooops I guess it was me. Great now we have two songs to memorize -this and Flander Fields – however that one is more widely known, at least here in Canada – right folks?

We ended off the rehearsal doing the Ireland – it’s a nice piece with some drama and great discords some of them were even intentional tonight – we just have to find the right notes sometime – isn’t that why you have a piano on your IPAD or what you can use youtube recordings for?

That just about covers it for now – will try and post a few other points about our upcoming schedule on this and twitter in the next little while.  As always this is just a friendly blog – hope you enjoy it.  If there is anyone out there who would be willing to sponsor our choir in any way shape or form leave a comment and I will respond.  If you want tickets – more information on that later.

Hey one more cool thing – my youngest son – going to the U of A this year signed up for the University of Alberta Mixed Chorus and was accepted – both me and my wife are very proud of him.  I might even go to his concerts – yup I just might!!


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