Third Rehearsal 2013/2014 RES Season

17 Sep 13

Tonight was our third rehearsal of our new season.  The choir was fairly full in the room tonight and our Artistic Director says we have 124 singers so far.  We arrived to receive new music for other projects this year:

  • Bach B Minor Mass – which we will do on March 9, 2014;
  • Handel’s Messiah – which we will do with the ESO on December 6 and 7, 2013;
  • How They So Softly Rest – which we will perform on November 11, 2013; and
  • Soldier’s Cry – which we will perform on November 11, 2013.

Our new Assistant Conductor took the warm up and conducted the first piece for this rehearsal.  We started a little late because we were getting the new music.  We started with Christine Donkin’s arrangement of “In Flanders Fields” where she started to get picky with us for things like notes and phrases – all good stuff.

Next our Artistic Director had us pull out Faure’s Requiem and we worked through the Agnus Dei and then the Sanctus. Following this we pulled out Gardiner’s Evening Hymn and worked on it till break.

Announcements having been made we got back to it and started in on a couple of the new pieces first “How They So Softly Rest” by Healey Willan and written in 1917.  It is a beautiful piece to sing.

Then we spent some time learning “Soldier’s Cry” by Roland Majeau, from the Edmonton area, and arranged by Trent Worthington, also from the Edmonton area.  I barely got through this piece and know I have to get over the emotions it brings out in me.  I spent 30 years in uniform and lost a few people over the years so this song is very special.  It has become a signature piece on Youtube for different armies/units.  If you want you should youtube it and see how many videos have been made with this song.

Lastly, we pulled out Messiah – we did three pieces in about 10 minutes which was just great.  This is such a lovely piece of music to sing – we just need to deal with the runs which happen a lot!

Rehearsal done it was time to go for the night!!



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