Fourth Rehearsal 2013/2014 RES Season

24 Sep 13

One more week until solo auditions for our November 11 concert. Three, maybe four Baritone Solo’s and a couple of Alto/Soprano ones. Mostly from the Faure Requiem. I will try my hand and see if I make the cut. It will be different doing one in the Winspear.

Well, arrival done and no new music.  Hear some talk about photo’s from our recent trip and the CD that will be compiled from contributions of those of us who went. Then since I was early I get to see the chair dance.  Don’t know if you have ever experienced it in any of the groups you belong to but I’m sure you know the feeling. You may normally have a chair but if you arrive late you find the chair you wanted filled with someone else’s butt.  If you have time this starts a whole process in your brain – do I want to sit beside the soprano’s, or the alto’s or the tenor’s or the basses?  Do I want to sit beside him/her – he/she sings perfect pitch, flat, sharp, well, name your vice.  Can you sit in front of the ones who tend to know their notes and away from the one who projects too much?  What happens next must be a sociologists dream to watch.  Some people will just plunk in another chair, if they arrive late they may even sit in another section and wait for break to move nearer their compatriots.  So, it can be pretty fun to watch, or be watched particularly when I am the one looking for a new chair.

This evening began with some announcements: Our director will not be available next week so the solo auditions have been pushed back another week.  We do need to be close to concert ready – so this will help for those who have not really prepared yet!  Next he announced that we will have aural skills and sight reading as well as voice lessons available in the new year for up to 10 choristers an hour before rehearsal – that’s two classes of 10 just to be clear.  He also made note of the auditions this spring and the notes that some/most of us received about how well we did with our sight reading – or not!

Following this we went into the warmups and then started with the Faure doing the Libera Me and the In Paradisum – spoilers for those wanting to do the Baritone solo in the Libera Me – ha ha!  When working on the Chorus Angelorum In Paradisum our director brought up the parabel of Lazarus and Dive you know the rich man and the poor man where the rich man, Dive, has gone to hell and exhorts God to send Lazarus, the poor beggar, down with some water to soothe his parched throat.  God says, and I will paraphrase here, you didn’t help him when you had the chance why should I help you out now?

We followed the Faure with some Britten – Jubilate Deo which is coming along and then finished up till break with the Ireland’s – Greater Love Hath No Man.

Our outgoing President was chock a block full with announcements tonight – reminding us of things like our grocery gift card fundraising, the Annual General Meeting coming up on Friday with his end of term.  As well we were asked to help with our two outreach groups – the RESwingers who do Christmas concerts and sing alongs in the community as well as our Educational Outreach Committee who host our “Up Close and Personal” events – which normally correspond with our dress rehearsals.  We have speakers – could be our director, soloists, composers along with activities and, normally, pizza.  They are pretty great events – looking for more people to assist though.

Following our break we continued working through the Ireland and then ran through “branche” written by John Estacio, our 14 newbies have not sung this yet so this was them being thrown in off the deep end.  They did OK.  We then got thrown off the deep end ourselves – at least for those who have not done the Bach B minor mass.  We did two choral pieces which were the same tune with different lyrics as well as a couple of the more challenging pieces including the Gloria.  That being done we were let go early.  Yee Ha!


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