Eighth Rehearsal 2013/2014 RES Season

22 Oct 13

We completed our annual retreat at the Providence Centre over the weekend.  Friday night and Saturday, it was fun as normal with some work on the Messiah, Faure, on Friday and the rest of the program on Saturday.  We also worked for a couple of hours on some recording tracks, specifically Stephen Chatman‘s Remember, Christine Donkin’s In Flanders Fields and Healey Willan‘s How They So Softly Rest.  Sounded good from where I was standing.  Jochen and Len seemed to like what came through the earphones.  We spent the afternoon singing the Messiah and Faure in the round – broken up into groups of parts, i.e. SATB around the room.  What a great exercise – it kept the vibe we had going from the recording and helped us work on our ensemble listening and singing skills.  Well worth the time spent doing it.

Back to the rehearsal. As has become the norm Sara is doing the warm ups for us.  We then started working into some of the other pieces.




Faure parts I, II, III and V


Faure part VI

New Messiah score – The Oxford score with a couple of new pages from Martin Bailey whom we will be singing it with for the ESO concert in December.  Kind of neat for those in the choir who have done Messiah, into the 3 digits, to learn something new.


Wreaths of artificial poppies used as a symbol...
Wreaths of artificial poppies used as a symbol of remembrance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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