Grad Recital Choir Rehearsal 1

23 Oct 13

The U of A has a program in Choral Conducting and as part of that the students, normally Masters or Doctoral candidates, have to organize, recruit, rehearse, etc a recital.  I have participated in four of these so far and find them very stimulating as well as helping to increase my own repertoire and knowledge of choral music.  It’s fun!

This fall we join the Recital Choir for Angela, who is doing her Master’s degree in Choral Conducting.  We rehearse Wednesdays.  Unfortunately, I have to arrive to these rehearsals late – due to another appointment I have on Wednesday nights. Regardless, I arrived and picked up the package of music, found my place in the Bass Section beside Kurt and we were off in song. Bartok – Four Slovak Folksongs. Interesting – there are four languages to choose from in the piece and Angela, our Masters student in Choral Conducting, has chosen to sing this piece in Hungarian. Interesting!! She has said that there will be a Hungarian speaker in for us to learn some of the basics of pronunciation, etc…

Next we went for the break – I tend to arrive about 10 minutes before break so you will find this happening a lot. Anyway – chocolate chip cookiesPresidents Choice decadent brand!! Yumm..

After a few minutes break we were back at it with Hosanna to the Son of David by Weelkes and one of the Mendelssohn pieces before, sadly, being let out early – the room was over booked so we had to leave early. Ah well, I then went home and did the youtube thing – where you look up all the songs you are going to be doing and try to get the closest match to the pieces and orchestra, piano, organ etc.  It was fairly successful so I added it to my “Channel” on youtube. I even found a way to share that channel with other people in this Recital Choir.  Isn’t modern technology amazing – when it works!

So far here are the pieces we have been given to prepare for this Recital in January of 2014.

Bela Bartok – Four Slovak Folksongs
Stephen Leek – Ngana
Francis Poulenc – Ah! Mon beau laboureur
Francis Poulenc – Sept Chansons: La Blanche Neighe
Don Macdonald – Tabula Rasa
Joseph Haydn – Missa Sancta Nicolai in G major, Hoboken XXII:6
I. Kyrie
II. Gloria
III. Credo
IV. Sanctus Benedictus
V. Agnus Dei
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy – Sechs Spruche, Opus 79
1. Chrismas (Weihnacthen)
2. On New Years Day (Am Neujahrstage)
3. On Ascension Day (Am Himmelfahrstage)
4. At Passiontide (In der Passionszeit)
5. In Advent (Im Advent)
6. On Good Friday (Am Charfreitage)


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