Grad Recital Choir Rehearsal 2

Magyar: Bartók Béla és családjának síremléke B...
Magyar: Bartók Béla és családjának síremléke Budapesten. Farkasréti temető: 60/1-főút-9/12. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

29 Oct 13

As normal I arrived late, missing about an hour of the rehearsal – I have a conflict with a voice lesson. Anyway I arrived about 15 minutes prior to the break. The choir had been working on the Bartok and were just starting the third song. Anyway a quick jump into the fray and we were rollicking through the discordant melody, notes and Hungarian words. Deciding that we needed a break from the Hungarian pronunciation Angela had us bring out the Haydn Mass and we started with the Kyrie until the break. Oreo like snacks were provided and of course the topic then went to the article in the news lately about how they are more addictive than Crack. However is Crack vegan friendly?

After the break we worked some more on the Bartok with a Doctoral student in composition coming in to assist Angela with teaching us proper Hungarian elocution. This was a bit of a brain teaser for most of us – forget french, forget english, forget your churchie latin they just don’t always work with Hungarian. She told us that Hungarian was pretty straightforward and that there were no weird rules that changed the way the vowel or vowel consonant mix sounded if you added an i in front or gh behind – that was a relief. So what you see is what you get!

We then tried to put lessons into practice and use our newfound knowledge to try and sing, some of the piece we worked on last week as well as some of the new parts.  Some of it sounded pretty good – others not so much.  I think the issue was more the rhythm for us Basses as were singing a kind of counter melody under the other parts. That being said we owned up to needing to work more on our individual parts and got on with singing.

Angela then took pity on the choir and moved from Hungarian to Church Latin with the Haydn Missa, which is a beautiful piece. Another rehearsal done we were let out and I went to grab a tea while I waited for my son to finish his rehearsal with the University of Alberta Mixed Chorus. They are also getting ready for their first concert of the year in November.


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