Ninth Rehearsal 2013/2014 RES Season

28 Oct 13

Sara started off the rehearsal for us with the stretches and warm up followed by the Willan

English: Canadian organist and composer James ...
English: Canadian organist and composer James Healey Willan at the organ in 1918 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and then the Donkin – still need some brushing up.

Len then took over with the Estacio piece which we worked over a few times and passed some of the new markings to those who did not come on the tour with us.  Again – getting there – Len stated we were close to being performance ready for this piece.  A fitting tribute to Frieda – Brian if you read this thanks so much for this commission it is such a moving piece.

Next up was the Chatman and a return to a cappella singing.  He was on us about pitch, but it was later in the evening and before break.

Anyhow following this we worked on Soldiers Cry – which still gets to me.  In this piece Len was wanting us to do a few more bits more legato than we were singing it  It did make sense.  Following this we worked on the Britten – with Jeremy moving to the piano from the back row with the baritones.  So suitably accompanied we forged ahead with that and then moved onto the Ireland where we were told to concentrate on our diction.

Then we came to the Gardiner where the Tenors were asked “could you be more Pavarotti – ish like the Alto’s”.  That is a Lenism – ish.  I will try to capture some of the good ones here.


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