Grad Recital Choir Rehearsal 3

English: French composer Francis Poulenc (1899...
English: French composer Francis Poulenc (1899-1963) and Polish harpsichordist Wanda Landowska (1879-1959) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This time I made it to rehearsal on time. Early in fact, no voice lesson. Sarah practicing the piano and a few early people. Then the rest of the group started to arrive, including Len who is Angela’s professor.
Angela arrived and we went straight into the Mendelssohn “weihnachten” nice piece! This was followed with the Poulenc. I think a few other folk have seen the King’s Singers version on YouTube cause it was pretty smooth. Angela took the time to tell us the translation complete with getting us to imagine the girl asleep under the vines in the vineyard. She imagined “boyfriend” in the story was the Gaston character from Beaty and the Beast. Fun!
Following that we went to the Bartok and worked two parts of it until we felt comfortable then Len piped up and said that Angela should shock us and take it up to full speed. We were doing 88= a quarter note and it should be 144. We tried at speed and is wasn’t too bad.
For break there were fudge e o’s and oreo’s.
After break we went thru some of the Haydn Missa – the Credo, Sanctus, Pleni Sunt Coeli, the Hosanna and the Agnus Dei.
So tonight was German, French, Hungarian and Latin. Next up Spanish. Woohoo. 😉


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