Tenth Reheasal 2013/2014 RES Season

Winspear Stage
Winspear Stage (Photo credit: bulliver)

Tonight we had a change of venue – we were in the choir loft of the Winspear as the ESO had set up on the main stage for a performance or rehearsal on Wednesday.  Our concert will have us on risers on the main stage.

Len took us through the warm up tonight as a bunch of us arrived late to the rehearsal – paying for tickets or checking in with our General Manager.

After the warm up Len took us through the program to ensure that we all had the right order.  Jeremy will be doing an organ solo between  the Ireland and the Gardiner pieces.  He then took us through a practice stand, which we have to work on to get together.  Len also stated that we were very close to concert ready for this event and was very much looking forward to it, particularly as this concert is dedicated to the late Margaret C (Peg) Matheson and her late husband, Duke.

We then took the concert from the top, stopping every once in a while to fix a particular issues.  Singing in the Winspear is much nicer than in the Fine Arts Building in that we were still in tune when we finished the two a cappella pieces – impressive if I do say so myself.

We went through branche where Len asked certain of our sections to “not be too palid”.  When we sang Soldier’s Cry Len asked for the Basses and Tenors to sing like a “male chorus supreme” and came back later when he said – I ain’t getting enough Bass and Tenor!!

It came time for our break, where we found out that we had only sold 100 tickets through the Winspear Box Office so far, but had 400 out through the choir membership – it would really be nice to have a good house for this concert – it is such beautiful repertoire.

With our break over we did the Faure where our soloists were in top form.  For this concert we have Kristen, Paul, Vince and Claire from the choir as our soloists.  Good job folks!


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