Salute to Veterans November 10, 2013 Edmonton City Hall

  1398334_10151919945669410_1255805507_o Today the Royal Canadian Artillery Band (RCA Band) held a concert in Edmonton City Hall

English: Edmonton City Hall interior panorama,...
English: Edmonton City Hall interior panorama, stitched from 7 images using hugin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

that was fun, solemn and wonderful.  In attendance was the Lieutenant Governor of the province of Alberta, the Honourable Colonel (Retired) Donald S Ethell and his wife Linda as well as a number of officers from the Base here in Edmonton.  As well there were many veterans from locations throughout the Greater Edmonton Area and just regular citizens who wanted to listen to some excellent music.

English: It was an auspicious day when retired...
English: It was an auspicious day when retired Colonel Colonel Donald Ethell OC, OMM, AOE, MSC, CD was sworn in as Alberta’s provincial Lieutenant Governor on Tuesday, May 11, 2010 at Alberta’s Legislature Building in the capital city of Edmonton. Armed forces were present at the swearing in ceremony which was accompanied by the traditional 15 gun salute which marks the taking of the oaths of office (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As usual the Band put on an excellent show, bringing history, the ability to prepare a mix of appropriately styled music with a couple of extra surprises into the mix.  They took us back to the music of World War I  and then we started to work our way forward to the modern era.  Along the way we were introduced to some dancers doing swing dances, some of the musicians who have been seconded as singers including their version of the Andrews Sisters the RCA Band Pipes and drums as well as a guest Irish Dancer.  It was a joy to behold listen to and was at times moving people to tears – Amazing Grace particularly when the Band started singing as a group.


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