11th Rehearsal 2013/2014 RES Season

Warm up by Sara.

Welcome after our November 11  concert.  Len wanted to thank everyone for their work on the concert.  Barbara was thanked for orchestrating the Groaning Board.

Len discussed the cuts in the Messiah we would be performing with the ESO and guest Conductor Mark Bailey. Normally the whole piece is not done and composers get to pick and choose which parts are cut to meet the time they have available.  I was lucky because the first time I sang it with Bill Eddins and the ESO he wanted to do the whole thing while he played the harpsichord.  It was pretty neat and cool.

Bartlett/Oxford edition numbers – cuts in red,  Mark Bailey (2013), here is a link to some youtube videos of a performance he conducted in 2010.

Part I
Accompagnato – (tenor) Comfort ye
Air – (tenor) Ev’ry valley
Chorus – And the glory
Acc. – (bass) Thus saith the Lord – insert original sinfonia beginning (I’ll supply)
6b. Air – (bass) But who may abide
7. Chorus – And he shall purify
8. Recitative – Alto – Behold a virgin shall conceive
9. Air (alto) and Chorus – O thou that tellest
10. Acc: (bass) For behold, darkness
11. Air – (bass)The people that walked
12. Chorus – For unto us
13. Pifa – short version
14a. Recit (sop) There where shepherds
14c. Arioso. (sop) And lo! The angel…
15. Recit. (sop) And the angel said
16. Acc. (sop) And suddenly
17. Chorus: Glory to God
18c. Air: (sop) Rejoice greatly,
19b. recit. (sop) Then shall the eyes
20 Air: (sop) He shall feed his flock
21. Chorus: His yoke is easy

Part II
22. Chorus – Behold the lamb
23 Air – (alto) He was despised
24. Chorus – Surely
25. Chorus – And with his stripes
26. Chorus -All we like sheep
27. Acc. (tenor) All they that see him
28. Chorus – He trusted in God
29. Acc. (tenor) – Thy rebuke
30. Arioso (tenor) – Behold, and see
31. Acc – (tenor) – He was cut off
32. Air – (tenor) But thou didst not leave
33. Chorus -Lift up your heads
34. Recit (tenor) Unto which of the angels
35. Chorus – Let all the angels
36b. Air (bass) Thou art gone up on high
37. Chorus –The Lord gave the word
38d. Duet (sop and alto) with chorus – How Beautiful
39. Chorus – Their sound is gone out
40. Air (bass) – Why do the nations
41. Chorus – Let us break
42. Recit (tenor) He that dwelleth
43. Air (tenor) Thou shalt break them
44. Chorus – Hallelujah

Part III
45. Air (sop) I know that my redeemer
46. Chorus – Since by man came death
47. Acc. (bass) Behold, I tell you
48. Air (bass) The trumpet shall sound (A section only)
49. Recit. (alto) Then shall be brought to pass
50. Duo (ten & alt) O death, where is thy sting
51. Chorus – But thanks
52. Air (alto) If God be for us
Chorus – Worthy is the Lamb etc.

So with the cuts announced we began to do some rehearsing as we will sing this piece the first week of December. The first was for a piece that we do not normally sing as a chorus – hence the reason for the Bartlett/Oxford edition – it has more original early Handel phrasing. Also Mr Bailey wants us to use the technique of notes inégales (French: unequal notes).

And the glory of The Lord.

O thou that tellest.

Glory to god –  changes to rhythm on “will to wards men”.

Behold the Lamb of God – with added bars.

Surely he hath borne our griefs


And with his stripes. New ending.

All we like sheep

Break forth onto joy. New chorus we have never done before!!!

For unto us

We then talked about RCA Band concert preparation – Morten Lauridsen‘s Magnum Mysterium and Scott Kirchner’s Unclouded Day which we have but have not taken out – along with a special Dr Seuss number we just received.

Signature of Dr. Seuss
Signature of Dr. Seuss (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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