Grad Recital Choir Rehearsal 5

Don’t have a voice lesson tonight so I should be able to attend the full rehearsal.

That thought lasted until I had to do somethings, like retrieve my music from home where I had left it in the morning.  That being said an elaborate drop of scheme was put into place whereby my son put the music in the car he had.  My wife then went to that same place to take that car on her trip and I met up with her, about 5 minutes after she arrived to pick up my music.  Then headed back to work to drop something off and then over to the U of A.  Arrived about 40 minutes behind schedule, which was still early from my norm.

What we rehearsed while I was there:

  • Poulenc
  • Mendelsohn Batholdy
  • Bartok 1 and 2
  • Mendelssohn Bartholdy
  • Weekes
  • Leek – context and walk thru – we are to memorize this piece.
  • Hayden – Credo and Et resurrexit
  • Bartok 3

At the end of rehearsal this week I ventured out to the RATT (Room At The Top) with some of the gang.  I thought it would be nicer to wait for my son with a cold one.  Then I thought I could order some supper for both of us since he didn’t have any and neither had I.  Anyway that being done I waited for him to arrive and had a cool one with my chorus mates.

All joined up and fed – we ventured home – nuff said.


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