Piano and Orchestra Rehearsal Messiah with the ESO

On the main stage right behind the Orchestra. Nice to be this close to the sound.
Worthy is the Lamb from the sitting position as a warm up.
From Mark – polysyllabic words “lean in and pull away”
Amen – basses half step out. Oops.
And the Glory of The Lord
End of piano rehearsal. Now with the orchestra. We are still working out the seating arrangement.

Now once more and this time with feeling. From Len “Try and sing to the back of the hall and use your music as a mechanism to focus the sound”.

And the Glory of the Lord.  Light with a waltz like feeling. To the orchestra – quarter notes are starting to get stiff again.

And He shall Purify.  To Len – How’s the balance?  Fine . . . A little more tenor!

O thou that Tellest.

For unto us a child is born.  Nice

Glory to God

Behold the Lamb of God.  The start of  part the second.  Solemn processional feeling before the baby goes through torment.  From Mark – beautifully done!

Surely He hath born our grief.  During the break discussing notes someone’s phone with the Hallelujah chorus started playing – classic!  Funny!  Chorus notes – make absolutely shire your on time!

And with his stripes.  Nice job chorus!

All we, like sheep.

He trusted in God.


He trusted in God.  Nice

Lift up your heads.

Break forth into Joy.

Hallelujah.  Sparky, bubbly and full of joy!  Something good is going to happen!  Fast.

Since by man came death.

Worthy is the Lamb.

Amen.  Solemnity with joy! “This news is good”! Columns of sonority in the middle section.  Think of it as an 8 part motet with the orchestra playing 4 parts.


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