Dress Rehearsal ESO Messiah December 5, 2013

Tonight we are to hear not only the ESO from start to finish but we finally get to listen to the soloists for this performance. Looking forward to this!

I am betting that this will be a straight run through with the emphasis being on the soloist entries, especially when we do the “how beautiful are the feet” addition – that will be kind of new for all of us at least.

Must head out now if I am to get the vehicle to start, etc.

Arrived with about 30 min to spare and have started to write in my sits and stands into my score, find my seat and go through some notes and then the seat dance on stage again for those who were not here last night.

Len asks the question why would we come on the coldest night of the year? For the love of the music! Tonight the contou is in tune to start and we are waiting for Mark to take us through some bits before the orchestra arrives.


Mark says the 5 minute walk from the hotel to the hall at -30 made a man of him. 😉

Went through For unto us a Child is born think of the sixteenth as “joy”.

Ran Break forth into Joy and then Since by man came Death Which he would prefer we sing from memory and really concentrate on him.

Want to experience the dance when we have a full house were Marks parting words (paraphrases here) as we break from the piano rehearsal.

The orchestra starts to arrive and we wait to begin. I think there are ESO subscribers in the hall. Part of the subscription package perks!

Now we begin from the start. Nice tenor for part 2 and 3. Good bass for 5 and he gets to do But who may abide instead of the Alto. Interesting!

Nice soloists all around. Good sound!

Then a couple different versions of But Lo, the angel of The Lord, and the angel said unto him. Followed up by Glory to God then we sit till the end of Part the First and get to listen to our soloists. We did Behold the Lamb and Mark gave us a reminder that this is when we move from the Christmas message of the Baby to the Easter message of sacrificial Lamb.

Break time. Sent a tweet with this photo of an empty house.

Good run through on the second half after break. Was keeping detailed notes but an update caused them to disappear. Regardless, we all felt a bit of the rush when we did the Hallelujah chorus and the final Worthy is the Lamb/Amen sequence. It should be good tonight and tomorrow.


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