Handel’s Messiah: Richard Eaton Singers with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra Part 2 – December 7, 2013

Well, last night was an absolute blast.  My son was able to get a rush ticket, he goes to the U of A, for $24 and was on the main floor left terrace – score!!! Excellent seat.

Anyway everyone was in tuxedo’s and gowns last night, the ESO men in their tails and white bow ties,

Bow Ties
Bow Ties (Photo credit: shindoverse)

the RES men in dinner jackets and black bow ties.  ESO Women were in black and our Ladies were in their RES gowns.  The soloists were also in tails for the Tenor and Bass and our Alto was in a green gown with the Soprano in a black gown with red jacket.  There had been some question about dress and it was not necessarily something which was discussed until the dress rehearsal, no we were not wearing dresses 😉

At 1830 we were once again on the main stage, but we waited for a while for the rest of RES to show – something about the intense cold – 30 ish that was causing people problems getting from point A to point B in Edmonton, traffic eh!  Regardless, we started our warmup and went through a few notes – making sure we all had the 16th notes sorted out in one passage and double checking on other issues here and there.  We saw Mark walking round the hall and generally were on our way to the performance.

1920 line up in the rehearsal hall – final words from Len, final reminders from our Concert Mistress regarding when to sit, who to watch for the cue to sit and stand – try and come up at the same time and try not to sound like a herd of elephants were some of the admonisions.  Then we went on stage to a fairly full house 🙂 ,which is always nice – we get some of the energy from the audience and pull a lot from our conductor.  Sits and announcements done we did the performance.

Measures 23-25, bass line, And the glory of th...
Measures 23-25, bass line, And the glory of the Lord, Handel’s Messiah (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was very good if I do say so myself– I think the choir and Mark really connected because we were pretty much on the whole night, which is really awesome.  Again, I had a rush during the Hallelujah Chorus and the Worthy is the Lamb/Amen sequence – very energizing!!

I need to go now for that rehearsal with Cantilon Choirs and their Ceremony of Carols, then back to the Winspear for the second performance later tonight – hopefully it will be even better than last nights.


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