After the “Groaning Board”!

Well, last nights edition of Handel’s Messiah was amazing.  The house was a little bigger and there was a buzz in the air.  We had a tight first half, which Len later came and told us was a little more sloppy than Friday, but we made up for it in the second half.

We outdid ourselves in our preparation for the banquet after the show.  We used to be able to bring home made goodies to these, but as is the way with most areas that allow the public to attend events we now must use commercially prepared food.  We make do, especially if there is a liquor (beer and wine) service nearby.

Our Groaning Board was well attended by our choir, our colleagues from the ESO, our soloists, Mark Bailey and a surprise guest appearance by Bill Eddins – Music Director and main conductor, for the ESO.  Apparently he and Mark were college mates, about XX years ago and he wanted to see what the ensemble sounded like.  He was heading back to Minneapolis where it is “warmer” on Monday.

Throughout the night we had many conversations with each other about how we loved this edition of the piece and how it was somehow more special than others we have done in the past.  I think it was the passion we took from Mark – he is such an expert on things Handelian!!  Regardless, it was one of those experiences that you only get once and unfortunately there were no recordings of the concert so no one else will be able to understand how special it was.



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