Cantilon Choirs Ceremony of Carols December 8, 2013

I was fortunate to once again be able to take part in this event.  It is the Christmas showcase of one of Edmonton’s best choral programs for youth.  Ably led by Heather Johnson and her wonderful team there were almost 200 choristers on the stage.  They performed a wonderful array of seasonable choral pieces – two of which were commissioned for Cantilon.  They also repeated what we hope will become an annual occasion – produced a rendition of  “A Classical Kids Christmas”.

It worked like clockwork and is really a testament to the team behind the scenes.  There were choirs of little ones and little little ones who were shepherded on and of the stage meeting their cues on time and with little fuss.  The sound produced for the adoring parents, grandparents, partners and friends was well worth the admission – especially in this hall.  The Francis Winspear Centre for Music is truly a gem we are fortunate to have in the Capital Region.

Why was I there you may ask?  I don’t have any children, grandchildren or a partner in any of the choirs.  It is a long story.  Many years ago, just after we moved to the Edmonton area, a new acquaintance of my wife’s who sang with Belle Canto asked if I would be able to help them out with their Broadway show – as they needed some men’s voices.  Quick to jump at anything musical theatre wise I agreed and started a years long relationship with Cantilon that has taken me through selections from:

Some of these productions I even had solo parts or speaking parts, regardless it has been a first class act and so much fun I can’t even begin to tell you – present words excluded.

Wow and I didn’t even tell you that I was there today to be SHHHHH don’t tell the little kids



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