Grad Recital Choir Rehearsal 8

I should be able to make the whole rehearsal as I don’t have a voice lesson. Now to see what I missed in the last couple if weeks. My Hungarian is getting very rusty!

So I am listening to the youtube versions of the pieces to refresh my memory. Some pretty cool language!

Tonight we tried to get through the whole thing so Angela could do a “status check” and see where we are.  Well if she was to gauge it from my ability then she certainly must be rethinking the capabilities of her choir.  It has been a couple of weeks and before that I had only been making half rehearsals.  Now, however, when I don’t have many competing demands on my ear I can try and get some of the less rehearsed (on my part) tunes into my head.  I guess it’s back to Muse Score and the midi bass lines to get this up to snuff.

We started with the Mendelssohn pieces and I was woefully unprepared for some of the lines – I was sitting in between the tenors and basses and could not really hear the other Bass 1’s very well.  This feeling repeated itself through the 4 of the Sechs Spruche we are doing. We then moved onto the Haydn Missa Sancti Nicolai where I felt a little better with the music – it is a little more familiar to my ear.  We ran through most of it without the solo parts.  Next up was our break, I think.  Thank you for the short bread Naomi!!!  If it was you who brought it!

Back from break we went for the Poulenc – Ah mon beau laboureur where we had some french pronunciation fixes.  This was followed by Tabula Rasa with the text – which was new for me.  This was then followed by the Ngana and home time.


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