Grad Recital Choir Rehearsal 9 (Just before Christmas)

Well, hopefully I am better prepared for this rehearsal.  I downloaded a number of midi files onto my mac and played with Muse Score so I can listen to the whole piece with all the parts or with just the Bass 1 part or with the Bass 1 part emphasised.  I find that this helps me get the notes into my head.  If I can’t find the midi file then I will build it myself and have done for some of the more obscure of the Grad Recital Choirs play list.

Anyway back at it before the rehearsal on Wednesday.

As you may guess the above bits were written before rehearsal.  On the day I was early to arrive and waited around with some of the other singers for the room to be opened.  I sat in the middle of the trio of Baritones this time.  It helped, unfortunately there was only 1 Bass, but he did mighty well!!

We immediately broke into sectionals with JR taking the men to another room where we rehearsed the Weelkes and parts 5 and 1 of the Mendelssohn.  I felt much better this time as I had the notes in my ear – mostly still a couple to work on and some rhythms too, especially in the Weelkes.  When we came back it was to go over in the larger group what we had done in sectionals, we still made some errors but I think we did OK, after we did some rhythms again and “alright there was that F natural where we sang an F sharp”…

Before break we also worked on Poulenc‘s La blanch neige.


Ngana – which we need to memorize – pretty cool piece we did the whole thing, but I need to sort out some of the rhythms and notes still….

Bartok we ran through all 4 pieces

Christmas wishes all around and a general reminder that the January rehearsals will be with the Orchestra so we need to be prepared as the emphasis will be how we coordinate the rhythm, tempo etc with them.  In other words we should know our music – so the exhortation, as with RES was to take some time to work on the pieces over the holidays.



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