Grad Recital Choir Rehearsal 10 (Just after Christmas)

Tonight we start half an hour later due to some coordination with the orchestra. I don’t have a voice lesson so it all should work without missing any rehearsal time.

Made it on time, with a few minutes to spare and decided to look at some of the music, didn’t help – even though I had spent some time on this over the holidays.  Some times it works and some times it does not!

We began with the Haydn and the Orchestra whom she had been working with since 1700.  We started with the et resurrexit – second time sounded much better than the first! Next up was the Sanctus, followed by the Pleni, Quo Niam, Gloria and then the Creedo.  We then bid a fond farewell to the violin section of the orchestra.

Next up we went from the top of the program starting with the Weelkes – which we needed to run through a couple times and I definitely have done this one better – 😦  Things were a lot better for some of the Mendelssohn Sechs Spruche pieces and then we started in on the Poulenc pieces – some challenges just don’t go away.  Angela tried to liken blanch neige parts to swirlies in a snow storm – cool.

NGana was the piece we ended with this week and Angela admonished us to only take 10 minutes on the piece next Tuesday – we shall see!


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