18th Rehearsal 2013/2014 RES Season

Arrived just in time to sit before we started the rehearsal.  Chairs always seem to be weirdly set up so this week I was up in the Soprano section between a Soprano 1 and a 2.  Gives a whole different meaning to listening to the other members of your section or cross choir.

As stated in the last RES related blog – Len has sent out a listing of what he wants us to accomplish in each rehearsal.  Last week he said we did 80% of the target he wants to get further this week.  Below is the rehearsal plan for this week.

Full group:
Dona nobis pacem
Qui tollis

Gloria – et in terra pax
remainder of Et resurrexit
Confiteor (up to Vivace, ms. 147)

Full group:
Confiteor – also read to end of movement (Et expecto)
Et resurrexit
Pleni sunt coeli

This list also is a good one for helping you (read me) figure out which markings you should put in your music first – also which ones you should work on with Cyberbass or MuseScore.

I think most of us are getting the gist of the piece, those in the choir who have sung it before are really a good back up for those of us doing it for the first time.  It is still challenging nevertheless.

Looking forward to a full house at 8PM on March 9, 2014 in the Francis Winspear Centre for Music in Edmonton.



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