Grad Recital Choir Rehearsal 11

Starts at 1800 but I should make it about 1830. I did make it round 1830, walked in during the middle of the Haydn.

This time the full orchestra was present, and sounding pretty good I might add.  I was able to pick up in the last part of the Donna Nobis Pacem.  Then there was time for going over other bits of the mass, which included the Sanctus, Credo, Quoniam tu solus sanctus.  During the Credo we were reminded that at the start of the piece we are all singing different texts, all vying for attention and then we all come together at the “qui propter nos homines”.  Angela then dismissed the orchestra and we had an 8 minute cookie break. 😉 After break we were back at it with Sara, on the piano, replacing the orchestra. We spent the first part of the time doing the Bartok (which Len asked Angela to do faster).  I still really love the english translation of the fourth piece about the bagpipes.  Anyway next up was the Leek – Ngana which did not go too badly.  Counting is the trick on this one.  Lastly, we did the the Macdonald. So here is the listing of pieces for this recital:

  • Hosanna To The Son of David – Thomas Weelkes.
  • Sechs Spruche, Op 79 – Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy – Im Advent, Weihnachten, Am Neujahrstage, Am Charfreitage.
  • Missa Sancti Nicolai – Joseph Haydn.
  • Ngana – Stephen Leek.
  • Ah! mon beau laboureur – Francis Poulenc.
  • Sept Chansons – 1 La blanche neige – Francis Poulenc.
  • Tabula Rasa – Don Macdonald.
  • Four Slovak Folk Songs – Wedding Song from Poniky, Song of the Hayharvesters from Hiadel, Dancing Song from Medzibrod and Dancing Song from Poniky – Bela Bartok.

Another rehearsal on Saturday followed up by a last Wednesday rehearsal and then the Dress next Saturday and the recital on Sunday January 26 at Convocation Hall, University of Alberta – free 8 pm.


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