Grad Recital Choir Rehearsal 13 – the last Wednesday!!

This, as the title says, was the last Wednesday rehearsal – so my son will have to find another way home from his Wednesday rehearsals with the U of A Mixed Chorus.

Anyway, this was the last rehearsal before the dress rehearsal – so a little fix up of the pieces where some additional focus was needed.  This was the first time all of the soloists were there for the Haydn and boy do they sound great – that piece is a true blending of harmonies piece and the soloists were doing a wonderful job of it!  🙂

We worked on the Haydn with the soloists and orchestra for the first half of the rehearsal, concentrating on entrances and places that needed a little extra polish – Len truly showed his abilities to all of us with very slight corrections to conducting technique which made it much easier on all of us as well as his absolute knowledge of the music, in particular the Haydn.

After the break we ran a through the Bartok pieces and Ngana, t left us feeling better about  both pieces as we had a very good run through of the Ngana. Comments to the altos were to get really aggressive and use piranha teeth in some parts. Then we went through the rest of the concert order starting with the Weelkes where Len told us not to sacrifice good pitch and that it is supposed to be more legato and relaxed.  We followed up with the Mendelssohn, Poulenc and Macdonald – not repeating any of the pieces we had done earlier this time.

Break a leg on Sunday everyone!!


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