Grad Recital Choir – Dress Rehearsal

Change of venue this time.  Now in Convocation Hall.  Some time spent by those who know how to set up the risers, shell and chairs for the orchestra.  When the bulk of us arrived we went right into the Missa with the soloists.  Again they blend their sound very well and it will be a great concert with this piece!

The first hour was spent working on the Soloists entrances, some orchestral bits and then a complete run through with some very minor corrections.  Len sounded happy with the results.


Run through the remainder – mostly without glitches.  You know what happens on a dress rehearsal – places where you have never made an error before suddenly become hard to do flawlessly.  Well, for the most part we did alright.  Ngana brought up a couple of new issues, but not anything that would stop us from doing it in the performance.

Angela gave us a couple of reminders regarding dress, how not to throw your folder on the floor during the concert and such.

Should be a great concert on Sunday Night at 8PM Convocation Hall at the University of Alberta!


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