21st Rehearsal 2013/2014 RES Season

A wintery Saturday in Edmonton spent at the U of A in song with others who are getting ready to prepare the Bach Mass in B Minor.

Monday was our Artistic Directors birthday, we sang to him and another choir member on Tuesday night.  Kind of cool to have a room of close to 120 people singing to you!

Anyway this post is supposed to be about Saturday’s rehearsal.

We all arrived round 10 AM to be greeted by a wonderful array of foodstuffs that had been crafted by our choir membership.  Posters, tickets and information cards were also available for our upcoming concert.  I will post a copy of our poster with the information on line and on twitter as well. Link  Or you can check out the choirs Facebook page

I decided to try and use my IPAD for the rehearsal, using an app called Forescore.  We shall see how it goes – it was kind of cool, it allows you to use PDFs and annotate them as well as scroll through the setlist a half page at a time..

Len had us sit in slightly different formation today, with choir 1 and choir 2 split out.  We started off with the Qui Tollis – which went relatively well and followed this up with the Kyrie.  It had been a while since we did the Kyrie and it showed – at least where I was standing – meaning myself.  At a couple of points different sections asked for different areas to be worked over and at one point Len wanted the Alto’s to start at one measure – they asked for a start point a few measures earlier and Len replied with “I was thinking of a different problem” which got a chuckle.

Finished with the Kyrie for a bit we worked on the Credo – moving through the first and second fugue movements.  Len took the opportunity to ask the Soprano 1’s to move into a tighter grouping with comments like “let’s get a couple of front row babes” and “it took a bit of arm twisting to get the Alto’s to group and look how happy they are!”  We did laugh at both of those comments – but I guess you had to be there.  At one point Len asked us to do something and said “see where it’s marked? Well it’s not marked now – can you mark it?’ Which just goes to show you that even the most talented/organized individuals can forget things.

With that on we went to lunch and spread to the far corners of campus, etc.  I just grazed on the leftovers from breakfast and a few of us went to the SUB to sit and chat/enjoy the ability to walk somewhere.  We had a couple of conversations about the tour this past summer and other things going on.  A couple of us expressed that if it had not been for the tour we wouldn’t have thought about going to Germany as a vacation destination but would certainly add it now.

Time out for sectionals with Barb taking the Soprano’s, Sara the Alto’s , Leanne the Tenors and Len with the Basses. Subjects of the sectional:

  • Et in terra pax
  • Confiteor
  • Pleni sunt coeli
  • Osana
  • Et expecto

After which we ran through some of these parts again and once more did a little on the Kyrie where the Alto’s made this comment “We sing a G but we don’t want to sing a G.  The tenors say they could sing flat” which got another round of chuckles, but did get worked on a little.  As we got to the end of the rehearsal Len asked us to “sing it like you sing Messiah every year!”

He did make some comments about how it seems that people are working on the piece at home as it does sound better every rehearsal.  He also asked us to keep it up as it was only 36 days until the concert!!


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