22nd Rehearsal 2013/2014 RES Season

Gratias agimus tibi (p. 61) – run through as warmup
Gloria in excelsis (p. 36) – especially “Et in terra pax” from p. 100, and fugues (106)
Crucifixus (p. 149)

Sectional (8 – 8:40 pm) – we will need to revert to SA/TB sectionals due to room restrictions in the building. TB with Sara in 1-23.

Kyrie I (p. 7)
Et resurrexit (p. 153)
Confiteor (p. 176) and especially the Et expecto (p. 188)

Full rehearsal (9 – 10 pm)

Sanctus (p. 199) – detail work on various trio groupings
Pleni sunt coeli – Osanna (p. 207) – run through, spot rehearsing
Kyrie I (p. 7) – run through after sectionals
Et resurrexit (p. 153) – run through after sectionals
If time, Cum sancto spiritu (p. 94)

Len emphasized the pronunciation of the tsi in the Gratsias.  Things we need to concentrate were notes and pitches.  Where Len took us through a couple of passages where there were some rough spots that he did not go back over he stated “the notes are all in the book!”

All in all a good rehearsal – we are still a few weeks out but now should be starting to polish not learn our parts!!  Good luck to all!

Our concert is March 9, 2014.


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