Month: March 2014

PV Day 7 – Last Day :(

Well, just waking up and packing while we wait for breakfast to arrive.  It has been a good week. Everyone seemed happy with the Festival and the Ceilidh last night.  Glad to have come and hope to do so again next year.  Just hope the flight home is actually direct - no offence Helena Montana, … Continue reading PV Day 7 – Last Day 😦

Festival Internacional Musica Celta

Festival Internacional Musica Celta

And so the event begins with Catherine Campbell representing the Ambassador of Ireland and the sponsors of the event being introduced by Hugo, Bass Drummer of the Saint Patrick's Battalion. Welcome words from the UK Ambassador, Irish Ambassador, Municipal Government of Puerto Vallarta, etc. First up a Mexico City Celtic Band called Shamrock. They play … Continue reading Festival Internacional Musica Celta

PV Day 5

For us this will be the first day of the festival with the official start being round 5PM. So we start with another late lie in - not sure what happened last night - no we did not drink too much.  May have been the extra loud sounds of the ocean - it was fairly … Continue reading PV Day 5

PV Day 4

This was the day when there were no activities planned other than the band getting together to rehearse in the morning.  They did that around 10 to 1130 and were hot and sweaty when they finished.  Straight into the pool for a number of them after that was done.  Some cerveza's in the pool and … Continue reading PV Day 4

PV Day 3

Woke up, read, got dressed and went to breakfast. Trip back to the room for passport and off to the concierge for more Peso's. Back to the room to change, the floor was being polished, then off to the pool till we need to go to Rhythms of the Night. Hard life eh?